Glossier’s Newest Masterpiece: The Haloscope

“Find Your Light”


Haloscope Face Highlighter in Quarts $22.00

I bought this about 45 seconds after receiving an email from Glossier saying they had a new product. I have been obsessed with Glossier ever since I first purchased the Balm Dot Com. Their products are so fresh and clean, while also being effective. And did I mention how good they look on my counter?

While I mostly have their skincare items, I have been really hoping to get my hands on some of their make up products. I am on an email alert list waiting for their light Skin Tint, Generation G shades and lightest shade of their Stretch Concealer to come back into stock, but for the time being, why not try out a highlight? The Haloscope comes in two colors, Quartz and Topaz. I picked Quartz, and I tend to reach for pinker highlights, especially when they aren’t powder.

What sets this highlight apart from other cream highlights is the oil based core, which gives a much dewier appearance. This goes on so smoothly, not chunky or glittery at all. Usually when I use cream highlights I feel the need to add some powder on top to really make it stand out, but not with this. While it is somewhat subtle on my skin, this gives the most beautiful sheen. This doesn’t settle into my pores or fine lines, and doesn’t exaggerate any texture on my cheeks.

I will probably be adding Topaz to my cart during my next order, and you should too. Glossier continues to dazzle, and I cannot wait for more.

Glowingly yours,



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